Our service range is based on your requirements.

Our partners can rely on our assistance in the procurement of the desired identification media.

Fis is not limited by its own manufacturing capacity and product line. Numerous partnerships, including leading global manufacturers, ensure an almost unlimited delivery capability.

We deliver one single prototype just as reliably as the production of millions.

Our extended network of technology partners enables us to create unique solutions.

Larger companies require a precisely defined corporate design ensuring a consistent identity independent of the ordering branch.

Fis does not only provide the possibility of adapting identification media exactly to the corresponding corporate design, but it is also able to ensure comprehensive branch compliance with regulations of corporate design in order to avoid potential deviations caused by decentralised ordering.

Numerous chain stores and global players already take advantage of this special Fis service.

For many, identification media is only a piece of plastic whereas it is in fact a perfectly manufactured precision instrument subject to the highest standard of requirements. However, it is often decisive for the security of million worth investments.

Various different applications require an extensive knowhow by the manufacturer. For example, a card manufactured for the European market can only be used to a limited degree in harsher climatic areas.

This is where Fis benefits from more than 30 years experience in supplying about 30 countries and is able to protect partners from unpleasant surprises.